Sunday, 28 June 2015

Paid Offers worth a look?

I've avoided these type of things (lots of email - free email accounts here) for a while, but seeing as I am skint and in need of ideas (and cash) I joined up.

I find these things funny nowadays - no I haven't been in an accident or need my teeth bleached (and wrecked by soft enamel!) - but hell it SAYS I have £65 Quid just for signing something or other that involved FOOD!!!

So I am referring folk as friends, if you are skint and live & breath web as I have for years you are my bloody friend so SIGN UP HERE NOW (no purchase necessary to join!) - or else the big, nasty boogie monster will nip your ankles in the night!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Can't afford the lottery? - here is a free alternative

This is more of a prize draw but is based on the "postcode lottery" - prizes aren't big - but if you are skint a free chance at winning some cash might help buy some food or pay a bill

click here to join up

Tasty Food, ideal for students, artists, gormet fans on a budget

We all need to eat right? well I'm trying out one of these mini hampers that has food & beer in it - once a month you get a little selection of mystery goodies - sounds better value than going up the local shop where you paid silly prices for stale products!

Click here to have a l@@k (a mini hamper works out about £3.25 a week including delivery!)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Croggles Wanted - to press buttons on interwebs!

I don't know much about this site, I just joined it, it has a funny name & a refer a friend button - if you are reading this you are probably a Croggle too.

click here to have a l@@k

Saturday, 18 April 2015

5 years of Austerity - as a poor person - how do you FEEL?

To people being blown up in Yemen/Syria/Palestine  by Drones I guess the idea that people are "poor" in the west is unbelievable,  what they maybe don't know is there is poverty, there are drug addicts, crime & abuse, I worry they believe the media hype as a form of hope - I know I did for YEARS!

While I am grateful that I have grown up in consumer oblivion, I am also very aware that there is a mental punishment dished out by the Government for this "privilege" - the punishment is you are expected to work at a job you HATE until you die.

Like a slave - if you don't fit into this role you are considered a useless eater, the dis-empowerment, is insidious and slowly wears away the soul, with each media broadcast reinforcing your weaknesses - it reminds you that if you don't work hard for the debt collectors, you are useless - which is rather like the communists in North Korea or the Republicans in the States imo!

BTW - I am not radicalised, but I don't agree with the current governments intrusive methods - you really think sanctions will work? - how can we trust your "miracle" of job growth when the other side say you are lying?

For the confused, it leaves us - just more confused.

I FEEL like voting for the #GreenParty to be honest, but I am forced to vote labour - there is no choice :-( democracy is a massive SHAM / SCAM / BULLSHIT.