Monday, 7 September 2015

Pauline Job Club = Job Coaches

Free Bitcoins for POOR people

Fed fep with "cake" - one way around THEM is to do what their enemies do, but if you aren't cut out for chopping off people's heads, like ISIS and the French Revolution then maybe the Libertarian lot might have a few points to consider.

I've avoided bitcoin for as long as I can, but with increasing austerity & potential for a lot of pissed off people moving to our shores, its either move to mars or get rich trying to get there!?!

Always been interested in alternative currency, personally I could see stones, beads, goats, gold being used again in west soon at this rate, the banks have compacted fiscals....

Lets all move to Bulgaria and start up a twitter commune! - or not - I dunno?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Paid Offers worth a look?

I've avoided these type of things (lots of email - free email accounts here) for a while, but seeing as I am skint and in need of ideas (and cash) I joined up.

I find these things funny nowadays - no I haven't been in an accident or need my teeth bleached (and wrecked by soft enamel!) - but hell it SAYS I have £65 Quid just for signing something or other that involved FOOD!!!

So I am referring folk as friends, if you are skint and live & breath web as I have for years you are my bloody friend so SIGN UP HERE NOW (no purchase necessary to join!) - or else the big, nasty boogie monster will nip your ankles in the night!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Can't afford the lottery? - here is a free alternative

This is more of a prize draw but is based on the "postcode lottery" - prizes aren't big - but if you are skint a free chance at winning some cash might help buy some food or pay a bill

click here to join up

Tasty Food, ideal for students, artists, gormet fans on a budget

We all need to eat right? well I'm trying out one of these mini hampers that has food & beer in it - once a month you get a little selection of mystery goodies - sounds better value than going up the local shop where you paid silly prices for stale products!

Click here to have a l@@k (a mini hamper works out about £3.25 a week including delivery!)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Croggles Wanted - to press buttons on interwebs!

I don't know much about this site, I just joined it, it has a funny name & a refer a friend button - if you are reading this you are probably a Croggle too.

click here to have a l@@k